Stories on the street: Lodhi Art District

I took an unforgettable, curated afternoon walk through Delhi’s first open air art gallery in Lodhi Colony organised by the St+art India Foundation. There’s just something wonderful about Street Art. It goes worlds beyond popular perceptions of blind graffiti or vandalism. It is inclusive, accessible storytelling. Art that stays true to the city and its people, while […]

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Goa Unplugged

Where does a ‘quiet’ traveler go to in the party destination of the country? Where the beaches are amazing but you’re longing for a change of pace. When the alcohol runs out and the parties die down. When far away from the beaches, the world is erupting in gorgeous green. When it’s possible that for […]

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Eye of the Tiger

Written for Little Black Book (LBB), Delhi and RARE Destinations and Experiences. The quest for a meaningful travel experience leaves you exhausted but completely jubilant! When my almost combustible desire to wander found an unexpected door in a travel contest organised by LBB and Rare Destinations, I had no idea that a. travel contests were […]

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Go tell it on the Mountain

My short travelogue on Egypt, which was the winning entry for the travel writing contest organised by Little Black Book (LBB), Delhi and RARE Destinations and Experiences on ‘My Rare Vacation’ “It was a balmy Egyptian afternoon and I was musing over how the country maintains a delicate balance between its obvious Pharaonic past and […]

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The friendly, neighbourhood spectre

“Get your clothes in from the line outside. And be quick about it! It’s getting dark”, implored Risa’s mother. A reluctant little figure soon dragged itself out to the yard. Risa had many reasons to be annoyed. She was barely able to navigate the daily perils of life as a teenager: challenging self-anointed queens in […]

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